I am a passionate free software developer who spends a lot of time doing what he likes and believes serves a purpose. I am mainly into “raw” embedded software, mainly in CASIO calculators for now. In software development, I’m a self-educated C and Python folk; most of my experience in development come from projects I make and maintain myself.

For work, I have a resume (in french only).

My main projects right now are:

  • the P7 project, a project to free the software surrounding CASIO calculators such as communication or file manipulating software;
  • Kuhee (paused), a kernel for CASIO calculators;
  • libcarrot, a libc for plenty of little architectures, platforms and compilers.

I used to have a forge using cgit for all of my projects, but then the main projects moved to Github, and my forge disappeared due to some self-hosting problems.

I am on the following platforms/communities:

  • Twitter (@thecakefive), where I talk about random things to nice people;
  • Diaspora*, which mostly serves as an aggregator for now;
  • Mastodon (, because a free, decentralized and ethical social network is freakin’ cool;
  • Planète Casio, THE place for french CASIO calculators hackers;
  • TI-Planet, for being aware of what is going on with calculators (CASIO and other brands), and with the laws/abuses of it;
  • Casiopeia, Code Walrus and Cemetech, because the fact that we don’t have the same mothertongue won’t keep us from hacking together;
  •’s forum, because old machines are quite cool.

You also can contact me on one of the oldest federations of the Internet, the e-mail system, on

And in case you were wondering, this website runs on Jekyll with the Researcher theme, which I’ve edited quite a lot on the functional side, but not on the design side. It is hosted by Jules Roumieux, thanks to him!