Thomas “Cakeisalie5” Touhey

Who am I?

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Thomas Touhey, born on the 28th of December, 1996 (21 y.o.)

I am a self-educated computer science enthousiastic who loves tinkering everything. I make some free software, and manage my websites and some services. I love embedded systems, the C and Python languages, Linux and its distributions, and Internet (web and other protocols).

I’m currently doing a french “BTS” in digital systems.

My main projects right now are:

I’m still using github for my main projects, but slowly switch to a software forge I restored recently using Gitolite and cgit.

I am on the following platforms/communities:

You also can contact me on one of the oldest federations of the Internet, the e-mail system, on

And in case you were wondering, this website runs on Jekyll. It originally ran on a heavily modified Researcher theme, although now it runs on a theme of my own.