Thomas Touhey


Who am I?

Me and a few things of mine.

Hi! My name is Thomas Touhey, and this is my website.

I was born on the 28th of December, 1996 (21 y.o.). I am a self-educated computer science enthousiastic who loves tinkering with everything. I make some free software, and manage my services and some services. I love embedded systems, the C and Python languages, Linux and its distributions, and the Internet (web and other protocols).

I also am a benevolent animator since september, 2017, in the “groupe d’Yerres et de Demain”, which is one of the many groups at the Scouts et Guides de France, a member of the Scoutisme Français.

Besides, my projects include:

  • the P7 project, a project to free the software surrounding CASIO calculators such as communication or file manipulating software;
  • libcarrot, a libc for plenty of little architectures, platforms and compilers.
  • textoutpc, a Python module for translating BBcode into other languages such as HTML or Lightscript for Planète Casio.

I’m still using [github][githb] for my main projects, but slowly switch to [a software forge][forge] I restored recently using Gitolite and cgit.

And in case you were wondering, this website runs on Jekyll. It used a few themes over the time, but the current one is the one I originally made for my father’s website, adapted to the content I have here.

Computer science enthousiastic.